Financial data viewing


Sometimes it is interesting to have a view of the position of a given firm, or a small set of firms, compared to their peers.


Sky view
Here we use the so-called “Sky view”.
Two parameters are correlated: Profit and Gross Margin.
The dots in the background are the positions of the peers.
The lines show the evolution over the past 3 years for 3 firms.

Automatic Classification

This is a case where automatic classification has been obtained using machine learning.
The classification has been built for a specific set of firms, all from the same sector.
Two parameters are correlated: profit and total manpower evolution

We can define 4 classes: one per quadrant:
Quadrant 1: firms making profit while increasing the manpower
Quadrant 2: firms making profit while decreasing the manpower.
Quadrant 3: firms making losses while decreasing the manpower
Quadrant 4: firms making losses while increasing the manpower.

Data Sources

National Bank of Belgium


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